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    13 Gifts From Bellesa That'll Probably Earn You A Spot On The Naughty List

    They'll be ~cumming~ down the chimney with butt plugs, vibrators, cock rings, and more amazing sex toys.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Bellesa Finger Pro that'll help them off so dang fast, they'll forget about past solo sessions. Designed to improve masturbation, it gives their finger a ~hand~ by upgrading it with 105 textured silicone rods and a flickering tongue. They can slide it on their preferred digit, turn it on, and give their clit the ultimate treatment.

    Model holds pink Bellesa Finger Pro

    2. A Halo by Bellesa so they can pleasure themselves and their partner at the same time. After they slip it around the base of their (or their partner's) penis, they'll both be receiving ~good vibes~ during sex. This is also great for folks with limited mobility, because it has a comfortable, hands-free design.

    Hand holds black Halo by Bellesa cock ring against model's chest

    3. A bed restraint kit that requires minimal setup if they are ~in the mood~ for bondage play. Just slip the straps under a mattress from top to bottom or side-to-side to leave the cuffs free. Baby it's cold outside, but you'll both be ~heating up~ in the bedroom with this sexy equipment.

    Bed restraint set with straps

    4. A Bellesa x BuzzFeed Air Vibe because they'll never go back after receiving a blended orgasm from this baby. It targets their clit and G-spot *simultaneously* with five suction intensities and 10 vibration modes that'll help them climax.

    5. An A-Play Vibe Beginner Plug for anyone new to backdoor fun. This hands-free toy easily slides into their bum and delivers 10 different vibrations for an anal experience that's anything ~butt~ boring. It's also rechargeable and can be operated with a wireless remote.

    Blue A-Play Vibe Beginner Plug with matching wireless remote

    6. A Blush Avant D12 Suko Dual-Density Dildo perfect for hands-free riding or harness play. Their prostate or G-spot will be the ~center of attention~ thanks to a large head and curved body. It also has a strong suction cup base that'll easily stick to their shower wall if they want to ~go the distance~ before drying off.

    Blue dildo with curved ribbing on the side

    7. A rabbit vibrator they'll be ~hopping~ to use and use again when they want to pleasure themselves in the tub. A waterproof design makes this toy submergible and it has seven vibration modes for their clit *and* G-spot. Plus, each vibration pattern lights up in a different color, making switching from gentle pulses to stronger sensations a fun experience.

    A model holds up the dea vibrator with both hands

    8. A beginner-friendly strap-on harness that'll be a great intro to role reversal and feel extra comfortable to wear. It has an adjustable waist and rubber o-rings that come in two sizes, in case they want to switch up flare-based dildos.

    Black strap=-on harness with two different-sized o-rings for flare-based dildos

    9. An interactive penis stroker so they can boost their masturbation technique with the help of touch-sensitive vibration technology. Nine bullet vibrators will get to work on their bod, stat, and if they're into porn, they can synch it up to thousands of TITAN by KIIRO videos to get on the same level as the stars.

    The Kiiroo Titan interactive penis stroker

    10. A magic wand that'll provide waves of pleasure and last multiple rounds if they're looking to take clitoral stimulation to new heights. It has a (gasp) 5.25-inch girth and a soft silicone head for heavenly vibrations. They can this gem with them in the shower or in bed if they're ready for a night in.

    A closeup of intertwined limbs and a hand holding the Nirvana Magic Wand

    11. A strapless strap-on because they will get to enjoy this blissful toy without the need for a harness. It comes with a textured clitoral pad and a smooth shaft for comfortable insertion. This dildo also vibrates for amazing G-spot stimulation that'll leave them and their partner ~cumming~ back for more.

    The Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap On in a model's hand

    12. A discreet vibrator to keep on hand if they want to pleasure themselves and not make a lot of noise. This tiny toy may be quiet, but it's one heck of a powerful clit stimulator that'll deliver amazing vibrations. Plus, it comes in an adorable clamshell-esque carrying case. A portable orgasm? Sign. Me. Up.

    Model holds blue discreet vibrator in matching clamshell-like case

    13. And a hands-free prostate massager that'll hit all the spots — aka four erogenous zones — simultaneously in their butt. There's only 1.75 inches from the stem to the perineum for optimal stimulation, so they can ~satisfy~ themselves with this tiny helper.

    A black hands-free prostate massager with ribbed edges

    That feeling when they unwrap a new harness or vibrator:

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