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    33 Pieces Of Activewear That'll Help You Crush Your Next At-Home Workout

    Grab weights, join a virtual workout class, and work up a sweat in stylish activewear.

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    1. Squat-proof leggings with a hidden waistband pocket and fit that'll let you power through leg day with ease. Can we also take a minute to appreciate all the cool patterns they come in?!

    2. A ventilated tank top to wear for high-impact and low-impact activities, so your bod won't get too sweaty. Mesh material in the back helps wick away perspiration, while a racerback design lets your chest breathe.

    3. A medium-support sports bra, so your chest will be supported but not feel too tight while you do bodyweight workouts indoors.

    Model wears dark pink Nike Medium Support Sports Bra with gray leggings

    4. A high-impact sports bra, because it will keep you supported (and *very* comfortable) during your next cardio session, especially if you have a bigger bust. A built-in bra and wide shoulder straps are a heavenly combo for jumps, squats, and lunges.

    5. A patterned sports bra with moisture-wicking fabric and a racerback design, so your chest isn't a sweat puddle after you complete push-ups or tricep dips.

    Model wears black-and-white patterned sports bra while flexing their arm

    6. Compression shorts, so you can show off your legs for days and crush your treadmill session. Say buh-bye to chafing, bunching, and discomfort.

    7. A workout-friendly crop top, because you can easily put together an activewear outfit for your virtual barre or dance class. It comes a lot of colors and pairs with basically every type of leggings.

    Reviewer wears white crop top with red workout leggings while taking a mirror selfie

    8. A short-sleeve crop top you'll want to wear for core sessions at home. It hits your waist at the right spot and will be so comfortable while you do sit-ups and planks.

    Model wears red Adidas crop top with navy stripe pants

    9. A tie-back mesh shirt that'll stay in place and not feel too loose while you practice inversions, bridges, and planks on your living room floor.

    Model wears light blue tie-back short-sleeve top with navy blue workout leggings

    10. A short and crop top set for days when it's too hot to wear a shirt and leggings inside. Whether you're doing barre or strength training, this lil' uniform will keep you cool and stylish.

    11. High-rise leggings, because you'll want to do kickboxing and stationary cycling *without* worrying about saggy pants. These babies will stay up on your waist and let you move freely.

    Model wears berry-colored Girlfriend Collective high-rise leggings with a matching sports bra and colorful sneakers

    12. A seamless sports bra that'll feel so dang comfortable when worn alone or with a workout-friendly top. With dry-wicking fabric and an underwire-free shape, your chest will be in heaven.

    Model wears black Champion seamless sports bra with purple leggings during yoga class

    13. Athletic socks, because you want to give your heels proper cushioning and not let sweat stink up your feet. Breathable fabric and a heel tab design will help you stay dry and avoid blisters while you exercise indoors.

    14. A tie-back tank that literally ~has your back~ when it comes to sweaty, heart-pumping cardio workouts. It has a V-mesh design on the back (so long, perspiration) and super soft fabric that won't cling to you during HIIT or Zumba.

    15. A contour bra, because your chest will be supported *and* you won't have to wear so many layers when you workout at home. This sports bra-meets-tank combo works perfectly for HIIT and other cardio sessions.

    16. A pair of bike shorts to highlight your bod and wear for virtual cycling classes or solo sessions on the treadmill. You won't have to worry about them sliding down or restricting your movement.

    Reviewer shows front view of same pair of bike shorts while taking a mirror selfie

    17. A crop V-neck top that'll take you straight to the studio with its gorgeous shape and ribbed detailing. While you tone your arms and abs at home, this beauty will *move* with you and not feel too tight to wear.

    Model wears blue Free People workout crop top with matching blue leggings

    18. A twist-back cami, so you can practice yoga and stretch comfortably without adjusting straps. This tiny top will work with all your high-rise bike shorts and leggings.

    Model wears pink Athleta twist back cami with black leggings

    19. A pair of leggings that won't actually feel like workout leggings thanks to their stretchy fabric and non-hugging fit. Skip the compression shorts and wear these comfy bottoms instead for your next sweat session.

    20. A mesh sports bra, because it's been a minute since you've worn something so breathable, lightweight, and durable for indoor exercising. Warp knit mesh panels and a high-neck shape will keep you cool and comfortable on and off the mat.

    Model wears green mesh bralette sports bra

    21. Mesh-detail leggings to slip into when you don't want to deal with heat. These babies hit your waist at the right spot and are made with a material that won't leave you sweaty post-workout.

    Model wears black leggings with mesh criss-cross detailing and fabric on the calves

    22. A twist-front crop top, because you want to look cute and not be too sweaty during your virtual bootcamp class. You will also *finally* have something to wear with your fave bike shorts and high-rise leggings.

    23. Moisture-wicking capris, so you can do burpees, squats, and tackle leg workouts without having to pull up your pants. A high-rise band keeps them on your waist and flat lock seams help prevent chafing.

    Model wears dark blue capris with a red crop top and black sneakers

    24. A pair of lightweight shorts, so you ~don't have to sweat it~ the next time you need to wear activewear for cardio or strength training. Your butt and thighs will thank you for the breathability and comfort.

    Model wears black Under Armour shorts with a white tee and matching black sneakers

    25. A criss-cross sports bra that'll give your back some ventilation while you're doing crunches and other core circuits indoors. No more tightness and redness while you put those abs to work.

    26. Workout-friendly sweatpants, because the thought of wearing compression shorts or leggings again is making you cringe. They're so comfy and perf for low-impact activities, plus they double up as loungewear.

    27. A muscle tank, so you can show off your arms for days and not worry about clothes sticking to your bod mid-workout.

    28. A racerback sports bra with a tech pocket, because you like to listen to music or podcasts while you work up a sweat. Located in the back, this slim space will easily fit your smartphone and keep it secure while you're exercising at home.

    Reviewer slides smartphone into back pocket of floral racerback sports bra

    29. A tie-front top that'll brighten up your activewear wardrobe and feel incredibly soft against your skin. It's made with cotton fabric (buh-bye sweat) and won't rub against you during your next cardio session.

    Model wears grey tie-dye workout tee shirt with dark gray leggings

    30. A mini sweatshirt, so you can be cozy for barre and Pilates even if you're not at the studio. Slip into this cropped cocoon when you're in the mood for a little warmth and comfort.

    31. A lightweight bodysuit to wear when you're working on your dance moves or practicing yoga: With performance-friendly fabric and a sleek shape, you'll be so dang comfortable in this one-piece.

    Model wears dark red sleeveless bodysuit with peach-colored joggers

    32. Matching sports bra and leggings that'll solve the problem of "I don't know what the heck to wear" when you're trying to squeeze in an at-home workout. This coordinating set will make dressing for stationary biking, HIIT, and treadmill running so dang easy.

    33. A knot-front tee with a gorgeous leopard print, because you need a stylish outfit for Instagram Live classes. Pair it with bike shorts and everyone will be asking "where did you get that?" after your virtual sweat session.

    Model wears black-and-white print knot-front tee with white bike shorts

    You, exercising in your home gym while wearing a cute outfit:

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