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10 Activities You Can Do With Your Kids That Are Good For The World

Teach your children about helping those around them! Create more positive energy in the world and help good go round with Cheerios.

1. Plant some wildflowers!

2. Learn about national parks online and help your child become a web ranger.

3. Find a local 5K or marathon and make some encouraging signs; then head over and cheer on the runners!

4. Have your child help you go through their closet to find clothes to donate.

5. Donate used books to the local library.

6. Bake cookies for the neighbors.

7. Create a lemonade stand and donate all the proceeds to a charity you choose together.

8. Create handmade thank-you notes and deliver them to your local service people.

9. Volunteer your time at a local animal shelter.

10. Visit a local nursing home together.

Animation by Marjan Farsad / BuzzFeed © 2017

One last easy way to make good go round is to gather round, literally. Make a circle with your family and take a picture. Share it on social media using #GOODGOESROUND, and Cheerios will help secure meals for families in need. Go to to learn more.

Cheerios exists to create more positive energy in the world. Make the world a better place, with Cheerios!