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The Origin Of The Entire Universe As Told By Emojis

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If you had a powerful enough telescope, you would notice the galaxies outside our own Milky Way are all moving away from us — and each other — at incredible speed.

But if we rewind these galaxies' trajectories, we find that everything — literally everything — converges to a single point in space 14 billion years ago...

...when suddenly, that single point — the universe — inflated into existence, from "smaller than an atom to the size of an orange in less than a trillionth of a second."

Shortly thereafter — 30 to 50 million years — the moon was formed, whose gravitational forces continue to influence the Earth's tides.

A billion years later, volcanoes have filled the atmosphere with "the basic ingredients of life" — making way for single-celled organisms.

Soon after — well, relatively speaking — the first arthropods emerged, and fish, forests, and amphibians followed.

After reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, birds, flowers, and bees evolved, great apes appeared and — 11.7 million years laterHomo sapiens made their worldwide debut...

...and that was only 200,000 years ago (0.004% of Earth's history). Or, if you condense the timeline of the universe into the size of a football field, all human history would be about as big as your hand.

The rest of human history may be unwritten, but we can still use science to explain the past and predict the future!

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