12 Signs You Majored In Engineering

You’re a rare breed. Some combination of ambitious, intelligent, and straight-up crazy. To you, breaking stuff just means you’re learning. Good on you. Take a different kind of spring break this year with GE www.springbreakit.com.

1. Your alarm clock is a Rube Goldberg machine.

Elementary / CBS / Via consultingburglar.tumblr.com

2. Your glass is never half empty or half full — it’s always twice as big as it needs to be.

3. You regularly find rogue pencils in your hair.

4. You’re invited to parties partially because you’re awesome, and partially because you can fix stuff.

5. You do a quick once-over of the structural integrity of all of the bridges you cross.

6. When wooing someone on the first date, you favor function over form.

7. You don’t wear jewelry, it messes with your aerodynamics.

8. You can’t watch TV without thinking of a new solution for changing the channel without moving an inch.

9. You think that liberal arts majors are a different species.

Christopher Reeve / CC / Via youtube.com

10. Your computer setup cost more than your car.

Timithy / CC / Via youtube.com

11. You’re always trying to fix things that are broken.

12. You’re always trying to fix things that aren’t broken.

Get ready for some quality demolition, brought to you by GE.


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