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13 Science Projects Explained In 6 Seconds Or Less

Just because it's science doesn't mean it has to be complicated. Learn the simple science behind these well known experiments, then submit your own in the world's first #6SecondScience Fair.

1. Mixing candy with soda will create a brilliant blast!

2. Using a lit match to vacuum an egg into a bottle without breaking it.

3. Juicing up your electronics with lemons, pennies, and nails.

4. Good vibrations make this cornstarch and water mixture dance!

5. Layering these colorful liquids is anything but dense.

6. Making billions of bubbles and lots of heat from a few household ingredients.

7. Creating a tornado with your own two hands.

8. Making your cocktail glow in the dark!

9. Bending water with a balloon and comb!

10. Freezing bubbles with dry ice.

11. Making your own candy.

12. Hypnotizing your friends with a homemade lava lamp!

13. Fixing some tie-dye cereal for breakfast. / Via Twitter: @generalelectric

If you've got milk, you've got science. When you combine milk with dish detergent and food coloring, surface tension is lowered causing a swirl of colors.

Now go ahead and put your newfound knowledge to the test. Create your own experiments on Vine using the hashtag #6SecondScience for a chance to be featured by GE.