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These Kits Bring Science Experiments To Life For Kids

Check out these gorgeous science experiments, just for kids, and learn more about how you can get your very own at Labracadabra.

Labracadabra is a project designed to give young scientists prepackaged kits that bring the magic of science to your home.

There's a kit that teaches about surface tension and evaporation with a "Bouncing Bubble" ...

There's a "Foaming Fountain" kit for creating an exothermic reaction, which happens in jet engines during the combustion process.

The "Lava Lamp" experiment teaches the basics of intermolecular forces in an explosion of color.

The "Liquid Stack" is a bubbly, beautiful lesson in liquid density.

And the "Lemon Volcano" experiments with acid-based reactions to create an eruption of citric magma.