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10 Machines You Probably Didn't Know Were Online

10 billion devices are connected to the Industrial Internet today. And we're not just talking about modems.

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1. Wind Turbines

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The future is here. Wind turbines can now talk to each other online and adjust the pitch of their blades in unison — any way the wind blows — all thanks to thousands of sensors. Unfortunately, they'll blow you off if you try to friend them on Facebook.

3. CT Scanners

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Beds aren't the only thing going online. In Washington state, one hospital connected their CT scanners to the cloud, giving specialists real-time access to images. And with new dose management software, ionized radiation levels continue to drop.

9. Ship Propellers

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While you won't find them live-tweeting their trip, ship propellers are online too — connected by tiny sensors in the ship's engine, reporting back on performance and power output. Still, it'd be nice if they Instagrammed some dolphins or something.

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