Amazing Illustrations Of Concept Inventions Imagined By You

Tweet your invention ideas to #IWantToInvent, and your wildest ideas could be made into a blueprint! Today is National Inventors’ Day, and GE is celebrating with you. Anybody can come up with a great invention. All it takes is a spark of inspiration.

1. MP3 Sunglasses

Sun’s out! Time to groove with our glasses on.

2. Swangle Chair

A seat with swag. (And support for any angle!)

3. A Time Machine

A time machine… app! On your phone.

4. Green Wings

Because why haven’t we started flying yet?

5. Universal Game System

A gamer’s dream come true!

6. Edible Cupcake Liners

A delicious idea!

7. Brain Turbocharger

Jacquie Hoornweg wants to finish her thesis… and of course, have world peace!

8. Self-Powered Gyms

Why hasn’t this been done yet? It gives you more of an incentive to run if you have to keep the lights on.

9. Mood-Based Topping Spreader

A flavor for any occasion! When you’re feeling “hilarious” you get gummy worms and chocolate.

10. Edible 3D Printer

Imagine printing a 3D cookie… and then eating it! Beautiful.

11. Shower Remote Starter

The perfect invention for a cold morning. A warm shower makes everything better.

For more inspiration, check out these other amazing inventors who helped change the world one idea at a time.

What will you invent?

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