9 Vines That Will Make You Wish You Were In Zero Gravity

This past 9.8, GE celebrated #GravityDay by sending Vine superstars Jerome Jarre and Marcus Johns on a zero gravity flight. Check out the best Vines from 34,000 feet.

For the grand finale of our #GravityDay Apple Drop, we sent Vine celebs Marcus Johns and Jerome Jarre (and one brave cameraman) on a zero gravity flight.

1. They found all of the apples our fans had been dropping all day…

2. …but quickly dropped them again.

3. Thanks for trying guys.

4. Staying buff is important, even in zero gravity.

5. They made themselves comfortable, really exploring the space.

6. But that backflip tho…

7. Mostly, they had a lot of fun.

8. After all, how could you not in zero gravity?

9. Remember kids—it's important to stay hydrated.

Thanks to our fans, the world's first #GravityDay was a huge success. See the Apple Drop chain come together in the final video. See you next 9.8!

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