24 Mind-Blowing Vines Of Science In Action

Turns out you can fit a lot of science into 6 seconds. Watch some of the most creative projects from GE’s first ever #6SecondScience Fair.

1. Super cool liquid ice.

2. Photosynthesis.

3. Making a rocket out of a tea bag.

4. The wonders of dry ice.

5. Tornado in a bottle.

6. The floating superconductor.

7. The foamerator.

8. Frog dissection.

9. The Wagon-Wheel Effect.

10. Time travel.

11. Homemade rockets.

12. The rubber egg.

13. Playing with electricity.

14. The formation of salt crystals.

15. How to make water bend.

16. Baking soda volcano.

17. Homemade lava lamp.

18. Reversing arrows.

19. Mixing zinc and sulfur.

20. Potato-powered light bulb.

21. Additive color.

22. Homopolar motors.

23. Homemade circuit.

24. Tie-dye milk.

See this video for even more!

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