16 Reasons Why Gravity Is Basically The Best Thing Ever

Hats off to gravity, because if we didn’t have it our hats wouldn’t be on in the first place. Celebrate #GravityDay with some fun facts about earth’s favorite force.

1. It shows plants how to grow.

Roots will always grow in the direction gravity is pulling them, and stems will always grow in the opposite direction. Gravitropism. Be about it.

2. But it can’t overpower the ‘stache.

Nothing can overpower this stache.

3. It gives us a sense of balance.

Your inner ear is full of balance-juice. Gravity pulls it down, so you know which way is up.

4. …which allows you to shred!

Kind of.

5. It keeps the atmosphere on the planet

Did you think all that nitrogen, oxygen, CO2 and other trace elements are just hanging out on earth because they like us? Nope! All gravity.


7. It gives us the tides.

The moon and the earth’s gravitational fields are always yanking on each other, but because the oceans are fluid, they reach out just a bit more on the side closest to the moon, creating our tides.

8. So you can bodysurf!

Kind of.

9. It keeps toasters from becoming deadly bread-guns.

Come back down to us, sweet toasty friends.

10. It keeps everything orbiting.

The moon orbits around the earth. The earth orbits around the sun, and the sun, along with a couple billion other stars orbit around a supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy. We told you gravity is awesome.

11. It made Saturn’s rings.

Those super cool rings used to be a super cool moon whose orbit got just a biiiit too close to Saturn and was torn apart by the planet’s immense gravitational forces. Pretty metal, right?

12. It makes pogo-sticks possible.

On the other hand, it holds them back from being the basis for our space program.

13. It made the stars first burst into light

Hydrogen, helium and lithium + gravity + a billion years = stars. Kaboom!

14. It changes the passage of time.

The Theory of Relativity states that the higher your gravitational potential (i.e. the closer you are to a massive body), the slower you experience time.

15. It made…the universe.

If gravity were a bit more powerful, there’d be no big bang. A little less powerful and there’d be no basic particles. #nailedit.

16. But most importantly, it makes sleeping so comfy.

Think about it, without gravity, you’d have nothing pulling you down into that sweet, sweet memory foam.

Hope that wasn’t too heavy for you. Head over to our Tumblr to help us celebrate #GravityDay!

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