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12 Reasons To Get Excited About The Future

Roll out of bed and print your own breakfast. We’re celebrating the next chapter in our #BrilliantMachines story by looking forward at some of the coolest tech advances on the horizon. Consider your faith in the future restored.

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2. You’ll never have to buy groceries again.


Never run out of ice cream again. Not only does this fridge suggest recipes based on what you have in it, it also goes on ahead and orders more food when you’re running low. Thanks fridge!

5. You’ll be able to print your own food.


Houston, we need a fork. NASA is already studying the possibility of 3D-printed food (including pizza) that can be used on deep space missions. Space: the tastiest frontier.

6. Your laptop will be cooler.


Researchers at GE are working on developing small cooling fans called “Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ).” Why should you care? The fans have a cooling rate that’s 10x stronger than naturally circulating air, all while being thinner than current fans. Thinner fans = thinner tablets (they’ll probably hover by then, too).

7. Slugs will replace stitches.


It sounds gross, but bear with us here. This doctor believes that the same slime that slugs use to stick to things can be used to help “revolutionize wound care.” Thanks little guy!

8. Your hospital will know if you're having a heart attack.

It might not be long until a simple bracelet can let you (and more importantly your hospital) know when you’re having a heart attack. Once you get there, connected machines will make the entire experience more efficient.

9. Your car will turn into an airplane at the push of a button.

We know, we know--you’ve heard this one before. But this company’s version may be hitting streets (and skies) soon for just under $300,000. All you’ll need is a pilot’s license, so start studying.

10. You’ll vacation in space.

Virgin Galactic is gearing up for space flights with tickets currently around $250,000 and the first flight expected to be completed in December. Round trip to the moon, anyone?

12. TVs will be made of water.


Reach out and touch your favorite show. Check out this new TV prototype. It uses a ultra-thin stream of water droplets as its surface, opening the door to an interactive viewing experience.

We’re always thinking of the future, too. See how #BrilliantMachines will get us there.

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