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12 Concept Devices That We Wish Were Real

These things may not exist yet -- or even be feasible by the laws of physics -- but it would be a huge win for efficiency if they were. Check out a handful of awesome concept devices, direct from the depths of the human imagination, and get inspired for Inventor's Day on February 11th. Celebrate by tweeting something you'd like to invent using #IWantToInvent.

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1. The Color Picker

This magic pen (designed by Park Jinsun) allows you to have a real life Photoshop tool. Scan any object and the computer chip in the wand mixes the RGB cartridge to imitate the exact color scanned by the user. So in case you ever wanted to draw over a stain in your solid shirt, this is the tool for you.

A device (dreamed up by Ryan Jongwoo Choi) that measures the amount of spice you need to add to your cooking to have the perfect flavor for your chosen dish. Move over, Flay. There's a new MASTER CHEF in town.

4. The Node Outlet

Plug in more than two devices in any electrical wall socket with the Node socket, a concept from No more battles for socket supremacy with friends, family, and roommates -- of course, this does mean you'd need all new node peripherals.

6. Cloud Sofa

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A magnetic recliner made to look like a fluffy cloud, hovering gently above the floor. Designed by D.K. Wei. Who wouldn't want to stretch out on their own personal cloud-couch? Just as man has dreamt about for centuries.

8. Volume-Aware Showerhead

A shower-head designed to display exactly how much water is being consumed -- and/or wasted -- during a shower. An extremely useful tool for measuring consumption of Earth's most precious resource. Designed by Elliott Montgomery.

9. The Hover Car

An environmentally friendly two-seater which hovers slightly above the ground for urban transport, designed for the "People's Car Project." The PCP is an ongoing crowd-sourced competition in China.

10. The Text-And-Walk Phone

Never walk into a thing again with this brilliant answer to the text-and-move quandary of today's world. Designed by Bryan Brunsell. It would be great if it also beeped at you when you're getting too close to the person in front of you.

It's shocking that this hasn't already been developed. It's an adhesive bandage that matches the skin tone of whatever it's applied to, adjusting for any unsightly bandage color mismatches. It's the next best thing to getting a new piece of skin to put on, and probably a lot less gross. Designed by Xue Xing Wu, Zi Yu Li, Yue Hua Zhu & Zhi Qiang Wang.

What Will You Invent?

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