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    16 Game of Thrones Inspired Run Routes That Will Get You Ready For The NYC Marathon

    From King's Landing to New York City, take your marathon training to the next realm with these Game of Thrones inspired run routes.

    1. Howl as you run through the backyards of Hollywood's elite.

    House Stark 12.2mi / Los Angeles, CA

    2. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge? Cross the Twins of House Frey!

    House Frey 9.7mi / San Francisco, CA

    3. Claw your way through the streets of Queens.

    House Mormont 9mi / Queens, NY

    4. Stalk your prey along Fisherman's Wharf.

    House Stark 5.8mi / San Francisco, CA

    5. Take the vow and fly with the Crows through the back alleys of Brooklyn.

    The Night's Watch 17.9mi / Brooklyn, NY

    6. Swim downstream through downtown NY.

    House Tully 7.2mi / New York, NY

    7. Carry your shield and spear through the Mission.

    House Martell 4.7mi / San Francisco, CA

    8. Charge through the street vendors of Jackson Heights.

    House Stark 5mi / Queens, NY

    9. Roar louder than the mighty Mississippi.

    House Lannister 13.5mi / Minneapolis, MN

    10. Gallop through the cobblestone streets of SoHo.

    House Baratheon 15.8mi / New York, NY

    11. Tangle with the kraken across the island of Manhattan.

    House Greyjoy 14.6mi / New York, NY

    12. Flash your fangs as you roll through Cypress Hill Cemetary.

    House Stark 14.9mi / Queens, NY

    13. Mark your territory as you leg pump through Miami.

    House Stark 9.6mi / Miami, FL

    14. Swim along the Presidio in search of the Red Woman.

    House Tully 8.6mi / San Francisco, CA

    15. Recruit your army in Austin and claim your throne.

    House Lannister 19.2mi / Austin, TX

    16. And soar across Portland on the back of a dragon.

    House Targaryen 16.1mi / Portland, OR

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