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    Posted on Feb 12, 2016

    10 Things Young Women Are Saying About Sex Education

    Young women have spoken out about respectful relationships and sex education and this is what they have to say. The Young Women's Advisory Group of the Equality Rights Alliance recently surveyed over 1000 young women, aged between 16-21, about their experiences of sex education in Let's Talk: Young Women's Views on Sex Education.

    1. "My sex education was very biologically-focused. At a private girls' high school there was some talk of being 'emotionally ready for sex,' but it reflected an unhealthy, patriarchal glorification of virginity."

    2. "As a lesbian, I learned absolutely nothing relevant to my sex life in school."

    3. "My experience was uninspiring, almost never practical (especially as a queer woman), barely covering things like consent, etc. Teachers were open and supportive but the curriculum didn't give them anything important to do."


    4. "The first time I had sex, I didn't even know what an orgasm was."


    5. "I recall learning 'no means no,' but I don't recall hearing about affirmative consent until university."

    6. "Female masturbation and orgasms were never mentioned which confuses girls. They need to know all the functions of their bodies. This will allow a more open dialogue about sexuality and sexual health."


    7. "It needs to be started at a younger age and discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships."

    8. "We need more than just the mechanics of sex. We need to talk about mutual pleasure, to really explain consent and to normalise talking about LGBTIQ sex."

    9. “Although I learned about a lot of the risks of sex, sex was framed as wrong and bad, although it was something that would inevitably happen. The way they present sex is very disjointed.”

    10. "I learnt consent through the internet and thankfully before I became sexually active otherwise my ideas would have been strongly misconstrued by the frequent rape jokes made by young men in high school."

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