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    19 WTF Pictures That Will Make You Feel More Uncomfortable The Longer You Look

    I hate it, but I can't look away...

    1. The way this drink is just waiting to spill all over the car.

    2. The way this strawberry's "pores" have been ripped out.

    3. And the way the seeds have begun to sprout it on this strawberry.

    4. The way this lemon seems be growing into several conjoined lemons.

    5. The way this door has been fitted.

    6. The devilish thought behind this terrible pizza flavour.

    7. The way this foot is embedded in this bowl of spaghetti.

    8. Spiderman with no eyes.

    9. The way fingers seem to fit so well between toes.

    10. The way these legs seem to be doing the impossible.

    12. And the way this chocolate seems to have had an ~unfortunate accident~ .

    13. The sheer amount notifications on this phone.

    14. The way these packets have been opened.

    15. The fact this ice lolly is made of frozen baked beans.

    16. The most unsanitary bath ever.

    17. The bulging wrinkles on these veggie sausages.

    18. The fact this lizard has hands for some reason.

    19. And the way this "chocolate" doesn't look like chocolate at all.