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    21 Things You'll Understand If You Have Completely Different-Sized Boobs

    One is constantly trying to escape, while the other is trying to hide.

    1. Wearing anything strapless involves a lot of pulling and tugging to get your boobs to look kind of even.

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    2. And going braless in an outfit is just as problematic.

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    3. You're constantly paranoid that people can see that your boobs are working on completely different schedules.


    4. You never feel like you've found the perfect bra.

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    You know that you'll inevitably have to sacrifice the comfort of one boob just to please the other one.

    5. So bra shopping is just a nightmare.


    "Do I really have to be told my boobs have two cup sizes between them, again?!"

    6. You've tried putting tissue or socks on the smaller side to bulk it up a bit.

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    7. Or doing exercises that are supposed to "lift the bust".

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    And then swiftly realised it's all a lie. These are your boobs and you're stuck with them, whether you like it or not.

    8. But no matter what, there's always one boob that's trying to escape, while the other is constantly trying to hide.



    9. Which means you spend your life subtly adjusting "the girls".


    10. Boob sag is even more of a pain when one boob sags way more than the other.

    My mom literally just said "those look like lopsided boobs"

    11. You were probably told that you'd "grow into your boobs".


    So far, nothing yet.

    12. And you've been patiently waiting for someone to make a bra for odd-boobed ladies, which only has padding on one side.

    13. This is your face when people try to make you feel better by saying "everyone's boobs are slightly different".

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    We're not talking about slightly here. We're talking about significantly, greatly, HUGELY.

    14. Or ensure you that "the only person that notices is you!"

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    15. Trying to make cleavage is damn near impossible.


    16. And boob jiggle is almost always a one-sided affair.

    17. You get slightly miffed when your friends can't relate to your struggle.

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    18. Or claim they can, but only suffer from a bit of unevenness, rather than an entire cup's worth of uneven boobage.

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    19. But when you find someone who truly shares your experience, it's a beautiful discovery.


    "I'm not alone! Thank you, sweet Jesus."

    20. Although it can be a pain, you have a special place in your heart for "the baby boob".

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    It can't be easy living in the bigger boob's shadow.

    21. Because although it's not ~ideal~, no one and nothing is perfect, including your beautiful, different-sized boobs of steel.

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