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What's The Most Disgusting Thing You've Ever Seen In An Office?

Let's get damn right disgusting.

We all know that offices aren’t always the most sanitary of places.


Dirty cups around the sink, two-year old lunch in the fridge, a toilet that's been blocked for a week – offices are a real treat.

In fact, they can be pretty gross.

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"Pretty gross" is probably an understatement.

So if you've ever experienced anything downright disgusting in your workplace, we want to hear about it.


Maybe it was something as simple as leaving food in the fridge to rot for many, many months.

sexyninjamonkey / Creative Commons / Flickr: sexyninjamonkey

Or a nightmarish toilet accident.

Either way, let us know: What's the grossest, most disgusting thing you've ever seen in an office? Leave your terrible stories in the comments of this post, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!