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23 Things That Stick With You When You Grow Up With Caribbean Parents

You've been brought up to be personally offended by anyone pronouncing it "plan-TAIN".

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1. You've learned not to make a big deal out of things because your parents never did.

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Unless it was to chastise you about being on your phone.


5. You've been brought up understanding that the language your parents speak is a unique one.

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10. And you still call your mum "Mummy" every now and again.

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After an entire childhood of politely yelling "YES, MUMMY" across the house, you've become accustomed to it.

11. There are songs that you can't listen to without being reminded of every family gathering you've ever been to.

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14. And you automatically take your shoes off in other people's homes because you remember the rules in your own house.

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17. If you ever see a barrel in your house, your first instinct is to HIDE ALL YOUR STUFF.

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Because as a child, it meant your parents were about to pack away half the shit you don't use and send it "home".


21. And you're still weary of some of your family members because of the amount you've been snitched on over the years.

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