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    16 Unwritten Rules That Are Way Too Real For Lazy People

    If it falls under the bed, accept that it's gone forever.

    1. On outfit choices:

    Image Source White / Thinkstock

    2. On waking up early:

    monkeybusinessimages / Thinkstock

    3. On room organisation:

    Ryan McVay / Thinkstock

    Also the chair. The chair of clothes is very important.

    4. On doing your homework:

    Jag_cz / Thinkstock

    5. On hygiene:

    Eyecandy Images / Thinkstock

    6. On keeping active:

    Thomas_Zsebok_Images / Thinkstock

    7. On making your bed:

    myibean / Thinkstock

    8. On picking up after yourself...

    Phil McDonald / Thinkstock

    Unless you can pick it up with your foot.

    9. On communication efficiency:

    nensuria / Thinkstock

    10. On the importance of rest:

    txking / Thinkstock

    11. On handling accidents:

    Fodor90 / Thinkstock

    12. On losing something to the never-ending abyss:

    Ron Nickel / Design Pics / Thinkstock

    Because who can really be bothered to get it?

    13. On energy saving:

    OnstOn / Thinkstock

    14. On research:

    Minerva Studio / Thinkstock

    15. On emptying your bladder.

    Jupiterimages / Thinkstock

    Before peeing yourself, of course, because that would be a nightmare to clean up.

    16. And finally, on priorities:

    OcusFocus / Thinkstock

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