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    Posted on Dec 30, 2015

    16 Unwritten Rules That Are Way Too Real For Lazy People

    If it falls under the bed, accept that it's gone forever.

    1. On outfit choices:

    Image Source White / Thinkstock

    2. On waking up early:

    monkeybusinessimages / Thinkstock

    3. On room organisation:

    Ryan McVay / Thinkstock

    Also the chair. The chair of clothes is very important.

    4. On doing your homework:

    Jag_cz / Thinkstock

    5. On hygiene:

    Eyecandy Images / Thinkstock

    6. On keeping active:

    Thomas_Zsebok_Images / Thinkstock

    7. On making your bed:

    myibean / Thinkstock

    8. On picking up after yourself...

    Phil McDonald / Thinkstock

    Unless you can pick it up with your foot.

    9. On communication efficiency:

    nensuria / Thinkstock

    10. On the importance of rest:

    txking / Thinkstock

    11. On handling accidents:

    Fodor90 / Thinkstock

    12. On losing something to the never-ending abyss:

    Ron Nickel / Design Pics / Thinkstock

    Because who can really be bothered to get it?

    13. On energy saving:

    OnstOn / Thinkstock

    14. On research:

    Minerva Studio / Thinkstock

    15. On emptying your bladder.

    Jupiterimages / Thinkstock

    Before peeing yourself, of course, because that would be a nightmare to clean up.

    16. And finally, on priorities:

    OcusFocus / Thinkstock

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