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    31 Painful And Ridiculous Ways People Have Broken Their Body Parts

    "There was a sound like uncooked sausages snapping."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most ridiculous way they've broken a bone. Here are some of their ridiculous and cringeworthy stories:

    1. The enthusiastic stomper.

    2. The bread incident.

    "I was taking a rather large and rectangular loaf of bread from the freezer when the bag tore. Fell straight onto my foot, broke two metatarsal bones and a couple of these fiddly little toe bones." — orlofthesky

    3. The "uncooked sausages".

    "I slipped on a wet bathroom floor and landed with my back against the toilet bowl. There was a sound like uncooked sausages snapping. I went into shock and somehow ended up at the cinema an hour later watching Jupiter Ascending with a large collection of broken ribs." — kateclairep

    4. The pee slide.

    5. The giant sneeze.

    "I sneezed and cracked a rib." — helenlouisek

    6. The finger jam.

    "My mum slammed my thumb in the boot of our car, worst of all it was jammed there for a minute or so until she could get the keys out to unlock it." — jessicapecar22

    7. The "Human Bowling" game.

    "Snapped my collarbone playing Human Bowling when I was 11, which I am still proud to say I invented. This involved getting 4-5 people to kneel on a hill (the pins), then the ball would have to curl up and throw themselves down the hill and hit the pins. I was the ball." — Hollie Craig, Facebook

    8. The Mexico meltdown.

    9. The lazy lightbulb changer.

    "Changing a lightbulb. I was too lazy to bring the stepladder upstairs with me so I decided to stand on a pile of books. The books obviously didn’t hold, I fell and hit my arm on a chest of drawers. I broke both the bones in my lower arm and fractured my wrist. It required 2 operations, metal plates, screws and wires." — Catherine Louise Hammond, Facebook

    10. The bag break.

    "I STEPPED on a plastic bag to stop it flying away in the wind and in return I received a fractured foot." — amyacrisp

    11. The lamb lunge.

    "I grew up raising livestock, so the first time I ever broke a bone was by getting kicked in the face by a lamb in high school. It wasn’t even my lamb." — christinalynns2

    12. The trampoline story.

    13. The pocket procedure.

    "When I was in seventh grade, I went to get a drink of water. I put my hand in my pocket, and when I leaned forward, my finger bent backwards and broke on the growth plate. Got to wear a full arm cast for six weeks." — catheriner19

    14. The smashed screen door.

    "When I was a teenager, I had a fight with my mom and decided to storm out of the house barefoot. The front door was open, so I kicked the screen door as hard as I could in a fit of rage, only to find that it was locked, and broke my foot." — dslewis86

    15. The frozen orange juice.

    "A can of frozen orange juice fell on my big toe right under the nail. Broke the top phalange, fractured the middle one, and I had a haematoma under the nail." — tessah5

    16. The bent pinky.

    17. The toaster shock.

    "Watching the toaster. It popped, I was scared, I fell on my bum. Coccyx. This is my stupid story." — Fran Crossley, Facebook

    18. The slippery leaf.

    "I slipped on a leaf. Yes, a leaf. It was the middle of fall and the leaves were kind of wet. I went to walk across my school campus, when all of the sudden, I fell. I broke my kneecap clean in half. I remember being carried to the school nurse because there were bone shards just kind of floating around in there. The nurse gave me a bandaid and made me sit in her office for a solid four hours. I still have recurring knee issues to this day because I never had anything done about it. Lesson learned!" — poefanclub

    19. The shoe betrayal.

    "I broke my elbow by falling over my own shoe laces. What was worse, was that it was in front of my ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend. They both just laughed at me!" — lauras4cf778f0e

    20. The Jerk.

    21. The unfortunate door slam.

    "I had been having an argument in the car with my husband, he parked the car and I got out and slammed the door in a huff. I had left my hand in the door frame and broke a finger clean across." — amyk4da5d6cf1

    22. The banister dare.

    "When I was 7 I was climbing on the banister at the top of our house, because my brother dared me to. I fell, quite predictably, and fell 3 floors down onto a concrete floor. I broke my shoulder, arm, hip, leg, knee and ankle all down one side. I was in traction for 9 months. I had only been out of hospital 8 weeks when I fell out of a tree and broke my knee on the other side. To say that my Dad was unimpressed was an understatement!!" — m42949fcb1

    23. The zebra vault.

    "I was at an event and one of the exhibitors, who had a zebra for a logo, had brought a life size zebra model as part of their exhibition. I decided to vault onto the zebra, fell straight off, knocked myself out and broke my wrist into a million pieces." — hannahw415aef330

    24. The gigantic helium tank.

    25. The risky jeans.

    "Putting on a pair of jeans. Fractured my ankle in 2 places. Yep." — Ian Biddle, Facebook

    26. The spiked fence.

    "I was showing off to a boy I really fancied by climbing the old spiked fence in Greenwich Park. He asked if I needed help, of course me being me said no. I promptly slipped and fell on a spike, breaking my ribs." — ClairetheBear

    27. The Nintendo cord.

    "I broke my right arm when I tripped over a Nintendo 64 controller cord. I was 8 years old. The day I got my cast off, I was jumping from couch to couch and rebroke my arm." — Mandyjo94

    28. The cat chase.

    29. The pocket change punch.

    "I was on a carnival ride which just basically spun you around in a 360 degree loop, I had loose change in my pocket, with the first 360 ‘loop’ all my loose change flew out my pocket, smacked me right in the face, fractured my nose and chipped my front teeth, it was carnage." — brendanq

    30. The darkened dock.

    "I went on vacation with my boyfriend's family and the first day we were there, I was on a dock and it was getting dark so I started heading back to the house. The dock lights were on and I lost sight of the dock, and my right foot went off the dock. I twisted to try and save myself and broke my left leg in 5 places. I ended up in a canal and we had to find a ladder to climb out. When I got back into the dock my leg was loosely swinging back and forth like there was no bones beneath the knee!" — hannahwilliscanuk

    31. And the box.

    "I kicked an empty cardboard box and broke 2 bones in my foot." — kathleencg

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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