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    17 Times Urban Outfitters Made You Say "Literally WTF?"

    Anyone for a bubble wrap costume? Only $20!

    1. When they defied the rules of clothing and somehow created the most cropped top of all.

    Wtf @UrbanOutfitters? This is a necklace babes not a crop top πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. When they tried to sell a standard shell necklace on the sly and thought you wouldn't notice.

    Why is Urban Outfitters selling a puka shell necklace for $100, my brother has his from 2003 and it's free if anyon…

    3. When they sold these gloves with the very appealing design of two pandas getting it on.

    4. And they appealed to the masses with this super cute gorilla dress.

    Because why not?

    5. When they sold this cool and not-at-all-useless bubble wrap costume.

    omg you really outdid yourself urban outfitters

    6. And trolled us with these shorts that not only had no pockets, but had NO MATERIAL THERE AT ALL.

    Urban outfitters be taken all the risks this spring πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ #wtf #FashionWeek

    7. When they marketed the chic paper bag skirt for the most fashionable of us all.

    Wtf is @UrbanOutfitters playing at? πŸ˜‚

    8. And then took the piss by selling a tin foil bin.

    am I missing something or is this a piece of tin foil on sale for $29??? wtf urban outfitters

    Urban, mate, what's going on here?

    9. When this choker had several different things going on at once, like seemingly coming with a flannel support.

    I'm so sorry but @UrbanOutfitters I love you but you've gone too far, what is this?? 😧😢

    10. When they sold this "Friends Forever" jumper in dedication to Tom from Myspace.

    11. When they offered to rip up two of your ugliest shirts and then sew them together.

    Urban outfitters, this has gone too far Ps. When someone asks you what urban outfitters is just show them this photo

    12. When they tried to resell your school plimsole shoes.

    why are urban outfitters selling primary school PE pumps ??

    13. When they had some trouble figuring out what a skirt and a pair of jeans look like, so they just made this weird hybrid.

    14. When they suggested you spend an arm and a leg just to get a bracelet that says "happy hour".

    Why in the hell would you buy this for $55 when u can be eating good for a whole week!!πŸ€” @UrbanOutfitters

    And you don't even get the actual word "happy".

    15. When they thought selling this would be anything other than a bad idea.

    Urban Outfitters has gone too far this time. 34 dollars for a "decorative" rope knot

    Not sure what "decorative rope" is, but pretty sure it's not something that should be in a fashion outlet.

    16. When the look for the season was small, brown, and bushy.

    17. And when they sold this chicken mask because I guess they just didn't give a shit.

    Way too far, Urban.

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