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34 Times Twitter Was So Weird It Was Hilarious

Where dicks in the sky and noodle bath bombs can exist in perfect harmony.

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1. When this random llama was spotted.

2. And someone made this observation.

3. When vegans couldn't catch a break.

4. When this three-part story was equal parts devastating and hilarious.

5. When the "bath bomb" trend got way out of control.

6. When someone found this surprise in the sky.

The sky in Miami is breathtaking

7. And there was always a dirty joke to be made.

8. When Rani Aresh was grossly misquoted.

9. When Twitter found an alternative to "Netflix and chill".

10. And discovered a new use for train tickets.

11. When it gave us the greatest and weirdest face swap of all time.

12. When someone did this to their family photos.

13. When a tortilla was used for all the wrong reasons.

14. When it somehow managed to make everything about Harry Potter.

15. And absolutely nothing was safe.

16. When this competition went from 0 to 100 real quick.

In case you were wondering, it kept going.
Twitter: @joshaudn / Via Twitter: @odetosymphonies

In case you were wondering, it kept going.

17. When the origin of "Dat Boi" was revealed.

18. When we were all simultaneously confused by this picture.

19. When it gave us this image you can never unsee.

20. When Kanye's tweet was immortalised forever.

21. When it took petty to a whole new level.

22. And showed us the most ridiculous pranks of all time.

23. When Ted Cruz and Ed Sheeran made the most terrifying combination.

24. When it got uncharacteristically deep.

25. When it gave us this slightly disturbing throwback.

26. When someone spotted Beyoncé.

27. When this scene was way too good to be true.

28. When the Pokémon Go tweets got a little dark.

29. When someone found this hidden message.

30. When it gave us tales of love and loss.

31. When the Harambe obsession meant no one was safe. Not even the Queen.

32. When the jokes were just too ridiculous not to laugh at.

33. When not even an art gallery could be free from Twitter's games.

34. And when someone did this to an egg.