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24 Puns You Probably Won't Want To Laugh At, But Definitely Will

I am so, so sorry.

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1. This biology lesson:

2. This curious question:

3. This cross-fiction pun:

4. This fragrant matter:

5. This realisation:

6. This Cool Person's guide:

7. This colour theory:

8. This pun for Disney lovers:

9. This milky mare:

10. This perfect mum joke:

11. This double pun:

12. And this quadruple one:

13. This flirting technique:

14. This Shakespeare praise:

15. This period drama:

16. This punny poem:

17. This tale of Bilbo Baggins:

18. This Rick Astley fact:

19. This call for more:

20. This steamy situation:

21. This lash out:

22. This sea humour:

23. This creative pun:

24. And this man's discovery:

Once you understand it, there's no going back.

Once you understand it, there's no going back.