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21 Times Tumblr Gave Some Real Af Life Lessons

"What would Anakin Skywalker do? Well don’t do that."

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1. When it proposed a cunning (and mildly passive-aggressive) plan to exact revenge on your enemies.

2. When it revealed the best way to have an opinion.

3. When it offered this top tip on how to make a marriage work.

4. When it revealed some painful but necessary lessons about the injustices of life.

5. When it offered an ~interesting~ response to anyone judging your fashion sense.

6. When it urged you to believe in your slay.

7. When it gave some great advice for considering future employment.

8. When it gave you two easy options for how to live your life.

9. When it taught you a thing or two about setting limits.

10. When it warned about the complications of DIY.

11. When it was firm, but fair.

12. When it proposed an easy way to solve all your problems.

13. When it explained how to be the best student.

14. When it warned where NOT to channel negative energy.

15. When even the cats on Tumblr had something deeply profound to say.

16. When it advised on how to cheer yourself up on a bad day.

17. When it warned about the dangers of crude internet surfing.

18. When it taught you a thing or two about being petty.

19. When it knew you deserved better and told you so.

20. When it taught you how to handle your responsibilities.

21. And when it actually, genuinely gave some bloody good life advice.