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18 Hipster Drinks That Will Make You Say "Whose Idea Was This?!"

How does a latte in an avocado sound?

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1. When this perfectly delicious cocktail was served in a slightly less delicious bathtub.

2. And this questionable concoction was served in a mini trolley for absolutely no reason at all.

NEW COCKTAIL: Overpriced Bag Of Pink Goop In A Shopping Trolley. Fifteen quid. No you can't keep the trolley. (Pic…

3. When this latte in an avocado proved hipsters are truly extra AF.

I just drank a latte out of an avocado and it changed my DNA I'm caucasian now. Don't talk to me unless you own at…

4. Because apparently serving coffee in an actual cup is entirely overrated.

Instagram: @adorned_by_jenna

5. When this entire meal was shoved into two mason jars.

Instagram: @kisszombies

6. But not before someone's dinner was squashed into a half pint glass first.

7. When "drink holder" actually just meant "shoe".

Enjoying #WorldGinDay? WE'RE SORRY. (Pic: @hollycavetravel)

8. And getting your drink in something that looked suspiciously like a tuna can was totally normal.

9. When this place invited you to be your very own barista/barman.

Is this hipster drink considered alcohol? Baileys + Espresso over Ice. 😂

10. When the term "iced matcha latte" was taken 100% seriously.

Instagram: @candice_hyunji

11. And this hot chocolate was so out of control it looked like a year 5 science experiment.

Instagram: @christinaleon

And a tasty one at that.

12. When this restaurant made sausage and mash that little bit fancier by serving it in a wine glass.

A #NationalWineDay reminder that wine glasses should not be used for sausage, mash and unnecessarily large bits of…

13. And this place found a creative way to use some leftover lightbulbs.

Just when I thought hipster drink service had maxed out @J_zzua goes & posts this!

14. When they were so dedicated to keeping drinks cool that they made a totally impractical bottle out of ice.

Let's hope it didn't get stuck to any hands.

Let's hope it didn't get stuck to any hands.

15. When this coffee was needlessly served in some artisan milk bottles.

And then I am wondering why my GF calls me a #hipster. I drink #coffee out of an #artisan milk bottle.

16. When this cocktail was cruelly trapped in a railway lamp box.

Instagram: @shijuvenate

17. When hipsters became so self-aware that they created a bar strictly for their hipster ways.

Ben geen #hipster, dus no drink today. Bummer. #ArtRotterdam

Those pesky hipsters.

18. And finally, when this troubling ensemble was part meal, part drink, and part fish tank.

Prawn cocktail served in a glass is fine. Prawn cocktail served in a glass on top of a live goldfish is not. (Pic:…

Whose idea was this?!

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