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    21 Times Facebook Needed To Be Shut Down Immediately

    Oh cool, Linda just got engaged to a crab roll.

    1. When this snowman was for sale.

    2. When things got a bit steamy for the mums of Facebook.

    Mams at it again proper not got the time

    3. And this mum didn't hold back.

    4. When this thief just wanted his laundry done.

    5. When someone created the Meal Deal group.

    6. When there was an actual argument about summer.

    7. When this burn was hotter than the sun.

    8. When this guy showed up uninvited.

    9. When this person was brought swiftly back to earth.

    10. When this guy showed his weird, undying love for LeBron James.

    11. When this dad was determined to ruin his child's birthday.

    12. When petty was taken to a whole new level.

    13. When this person was super excited about meeting Jesus.

    14. When Michael forgot he had his mum on Facebook.

    15. When this person had some opinions about Pepsi.

    16. When Callum gave his honest opinion.

    17. When this person showed admirable dedication to their joke.

    18. When this bargain was advertised.

    19. When this lady got engaged.

    20. When Nick was offered some advice.

    21. And when the weird and wonderful world of Facebook leaked into real life.