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21 Drunk People Who Need To Be Removed From The Kitchen Immediately

Sometimes "drunk food" just means "food I've burned within an inch of its life".

1. The person who used food colouring to season their chicken.

2. The person who was forced to improvise without a microwave.

3. The person who was having a little trouble with their can opener.

4. Whoever burnt these falafels within an inch of their life.

5. And whoever thought uncooked spaghetti and peanut butter was a legit snack.

6. The person who invented this new delicacy.

7. And this sorry excuse for "tacos".

8. The person who went the whole hog.

9. And the person who made this "fish" pasta.

10. The person who decided to grill their eggs.

11. And the person who had no access to an oven.

12. The person who somehow managed to fuck up pasta.

13. And pizza.

14. And some innocent nuggets.

15. And the person who thought these were a good combination.

16. The person whose attempt at cookies went horribly wrong.

17. The person who managed to set their oven on fire.

18. The person who made this fried nightmare come to life.

19. And created this delicious appetiser.

20. The person who didn't need a pan for their grilled cheese.

21. And the person who saved the best 'til the next morning.