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    23 Times "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Was Scarily Accurate About Being A Woman

    "The Sexy Getting Ready Song" is possibly the realest depiction of them all.

    1. When its depiction of getting ready for a night out was scarily accurate.

    2. But it wasn't afraid to call things out for what they are.

    3. When it gave this hilarious shout out to different-sized boobs.

    4. And hilariously portrayed the joy (and struggle) of having big boobs.

    5. When it showed the awkward reality of taking a group selfie.

    6. And how painful it is to have a crush.

    7. When this exchange between Rebecca and Paula was basically every work BFF relationship.

    The CW

    8. Because if you haven't synced periods with your bestie yet, you will soon.

    The CW

    9. When it made all gross girls feel less alone.

    10. In fact, a lot less alone.

    11. When Rebecca revealed her nicknames for her boobs and ovaries.

    12. When it knew the right questions to ask and when.

    13. When it made women everywhere feel less alone for snooping on their ex's new girlfriend.

    The CW

    Most people have done it.

    14. When it accurately portrayed what it's like to have an idea and get immediately shut out.

    15. When it showed the importance of lots and lots of wine.

    The CW

    16. And then the regrets after drinking an entire bottle.

    17. When it offered this pretty hilarious summary of Tinder.

    18. When it showed what it's like to have absolutely no filter.

    19. When Paula's pep talk was every woman trying to cheer up her pal, even if it didn't go down very well.

    20. When it took generalising about men to a whole new level.

    21. And pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    22. When it showed what it's like to dissect a text from your crush.

    23. And most importantly, when it portrayed the importance of supporting other women.