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25 Times Catherine Tate Was Absolutely Fucking Hilarious

"Am I bovvered?"

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1. When she told a vicar to ask the Lord if He's "bovvered":

BBC / Via

2. When she had this exchange with Daniel Craig:

3. When she quoted Margaret Thatcher:

4. When she tried to eat a taco:

5. When she dressed up as a nan and told a staff member to go fuck herself:

6. In fact, any time she played Joannie "Nan" Taylor it was comedy gold:

7. When she misunderstood the question:

8. When she couldn't understand a word David Tennant was saying:

9. And made this joke:

10. When she stood up for herself as a lady:

11. When she took "let it go" a little too seriously:

BBC / Via

12. When she was literally all of us with a slice of cake:

13. And related perfectly to anyone who's painfully single:

14. When her observations were deeply intellectual and profound:

15. And all her suspicions about America were confirmed:

16. When David and Catherine made the funniest duo on Doctor Who:

17. Because it gave us great moments like this:

18. And this:

19. When she gifted the best present ever:

20. When she played the "business game" with David:

21. When she dressed up as "sexy Toby" in The Office US:

22. And showed us her moves in the finale:

23. When she tried her hand at some detective work:

24. When she made the best facial reactions:

25. And finally, when she accused the Queen herself of disrespecting her: