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    22 Times Amandla Stenberg Was The Ultimate Carefree Black Girl

    She’s only 16 and she’s already killin’ it.

    1. When she went to prom with Jaden Smith looking like a silver-haired, black goddess.

    2. And when she looked similarly goddess-like with her other goddess-like friends.

    3. When she gave this perfect response to someone on Tumblr.

    4. When she wrote this in defence of black women's lives and killed it.

    5. When she repped "black girls are magic" with style and elegance.

    6. When she looked insanely happy next to OITNB queen herself, Uzo Aduba.

    7. When she denounced the "angry black girl" stereotype and stuck up for the right to an opinion.

    End the "angry black girl" narrative. It's just another attempt to undermine certain perspectives. I have strong opinions. I am not angry.

    8. When she celebrated #BlackOutDay with these flawless selfies.

    9. And this one.

    10. When her squad put us all to shame.

    11. When she set the record straight on "trivial nonsense" and celebrated female camaraderie.

    The way you are presenting this video is misleading and creates conflict instead of constructive convo!

    Thanks @billboard, but this is not a petty criticism of Taylor Swift, who, btw, I love. This is about creating a dialogue between races.

    So unfortunate to see the media pitting women against eachother in 2015. Ladies, our love for eachother will overcome all trivial nonsense.

    12. When she tackled mental illness in this amazing short film that she directed at FIFTEEN.

    13. When she pondered how to save black girls from having to deal with constant speculation about their hair.

    Does the world need a black hair picture book? For the sake of all the black girls who get asked "how they got their hair to be like that"

    14. And came up with a fantastic way to solve the problem.

    Making my own black hairstyles flashcards to hand out to strangers brb

    15. When we bore witness to her teen awakening.

    become an increasingly cynical teen who mistrusts the government 2k15 *kick flips off of White House steps*

    16. And she wouldn't even let her mortality get in the way of her social awareness.

    17. When she turned her own action figure into a Christmas decoration.

    18. When she wanted her bae to know he was blessed.

    When I am more financially successful than bae, he doesn't feel emasculated. He feels immaculated bc I hav blessed him w my angelic presence

    19. When both Amandla and Willow Smith were chilling being #CarefreeBlackGirls together.

    20. And she was carefree even as a cartoon.

    21. Of course, who could forget when she gifted us with this beautifully clear breakdown of cultural appropriation?

    View this video on YouTube

    22. And did we mention she also plays the violin in HER OWN BAND, Honeywater?

    Basically, Amandla is more flawless than most of us were at 16.

    Just remember to get her name right.