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19 Times Alfred Enoch Was A Blessing From The TV Gods

He is the undisputed winner of "Most Adorable Babyface".

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1. When he looked gloriously dapper in his black bowtie and his eyes screamed "you love me...don't you?"


4. And then they went to the Women's March together and it solidified that this coupling needs to happen and it needs to happen SOON.

Instagram: @ajanaomi_king

(Kindly ignore the fact Alfred appears to be wearing flares.)

6. When he made quite a shit attempt at miming "Viola Davis" in charades, but those big brown eyes proved he could no wrong.

Would happily watch him play charades very badly for hours.


13. When his face of concern was handsome as fuck.

David Buchan / Getty Images

It's the face he'd give you while listening to your problems after a long, hard day. He just really cares about you.

14. When he and co-star, Matt McGorry, couldn't keep their hands off of each other at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival.

15. When he finished the Nautica Malibu Triathlon and still looked radiant, despite probably having sweated buckets.

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

Looking all green and outdoorsy, like a perfect lil' tree.

16. And his adventurousness extended to parasailing in Brazil, where he seemingly had a whale of a time.

Instagram: @parasailinrio

I mean, this could be us, Alfie, but you playing.

17. When he had the coolest gang known to man – Matt, Karla, Aja, Jack, and, of course, those two perfect dimples.

Instagram: @karlasouzaofficial

19. And when the TV show he starred in finally made total sense, because a face like this really could get away with murder.


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