19 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Red Lipstick

    Your special talent is being able to convince yourself that all 50 of your red lipsticks are completely different.

    1. Your love for red lipstick started off innocently.

    2. And then quickly escalated from 0 - 100, real quick.

    3. To the average eye, it looks as if you have several of the same colour.

    4. But your special talent is being able to see the slight difference in every shade you own.

    5. You have a shade for summer…

    6. ...and a shade for winter.

    7. And of course, your favourite shade you can wear all year round.

    8. Your red lipstick obsession means that every cup you drink out of looks like this:

    9. And every napkin you use looks like this.

    10. Your heart flutters every time you pass a makeup store.

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    11. And no matter how many times you try and stay away, you can’t seem to help yourself.

    12. Despite your undying love, there are times when your lipstick does betray you.

    Having lipstick on your teeth is such a good look

    13. And if you forget to brush your teeth before applying, you end up wit a toothbrush like this.

    14. Seeing perfectly applied red lips is borderline erotic to you.

    15. And theres nothing more painful to you than losing your favourite shade.

    16. This is your arm when you finish lipstick shopping.

    17. And no matter what, people always think the worst whenever you're not wearing your red lippie.

    18. Sure, you’ve tried to branch out to other shades before.

    19. But in your heart of hearts, you know nothing can beat your signature red lips.