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19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Muji

Calling all stationery lovers who say they're "just browsing" and leave with five notebooks and a new set of pens.

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5. And everything is so goddamn affordable that you rarely feel bad about spending money in there.

ยอมรับครับ อยู่ไทยไม่เคยซื้อ muji แต่พอมาญี่ปุ่นเท่านั้นหละครับ

7. And you've come to appreciate the "less is more" aesthetic due to Muji's influence.

I love Muji. Japanese everything store with simple aesthetic. @muji_net

8. It's impossible for you to buy just one pen when you go in to the store.

just realized my Muji Japan pen hoard was way too intense


10. You've bought more notebooks than you actually needed just because they often come in multiple packs.

I do like a #Muji notebook

And had absolutely no regrets about it.


15. And you've fallen madly in love with the edible treats you can buy there too.

16. If it's not stationery you go into Muji for, it's pretty much anything else.

You never fail to be amazed by the array of things they sell.


17. Because no matter how many times you shop at Muji, you always find something you never knew you needed.

Look at these ridiculous little toothbrush stands!!!! I love muji!!!

Like toothbrush stands (which is a very legitimate purchase).

18. Every time you walk into Muji, you walk out leaving a better person than when you came in. A person who 100% has their shit together.

Twitter: @BRITPHAN

And it all it took was a few pens, two folders, five notebooks, some acrylic drawers and a pair of gloves to get there.