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    19 Things Only People Who Are Confident But Shy Will Understand

    You're the life and soul of the party in front of your friends, but in front of new people you're a completely different person.

    1. In your day-to-day life, you'd probably describe yourself as a pretty confident person.

    2. Especially when you're around your friends.

    3. But when you meet new people, you're a completely different person.

    4. People tend to comment on the difference between how you were when they first met you...

    5. ...versus how you are now.

    6. Sometimes you're the life and soul of the party.

    7. Other times, you retreat to a corner and try not to be noticed.

    8. You love trying new things, but hate new situations.

    9. And you absolutely despise being the new kid at school or at work because your real personality doesn't get to shine through.

    10. Even though you're confident in your work, you're always too shy to show it to anyone.

    11. And as soon as you start to fancy someone even a little bit you become SUPER shy too.

    12. Which means that having a crush is completely out of the question.

    When you start catching feelings for somebody

    It makes you way too vulnerable, and that's no fun.

    13. You don't mind attention, in fact, sometimes you thrive on it.

    14. But you hate TOO much attention.

    15. People always expect you to be in charge of group presentations because you're seen as the most confident.

    16. But speaking in front of a large room of people is actually when you're the shyest.

    17. And while you're fine to have a conversation in person, you absolutely hate talking on the phone.

    18. So sure, even though you definitely have your shy moments.

    19. Most days you feel pretty damn confident.