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21 Things You'll Understand If You Were Born And Raised In London

You were raised to walk fast, fear foxes, and hate pigeons with a passion.

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2. And anywhere with more than two trees and a rogue sheep is considered "the countryside".

Seen today in streatham. Someone tying up their sheep to pop into a shop. South London you rock

3. You don't realise how truly "London" you are until an overly friendly stranger greets you on the street and you have no idea what to do with yourself.


"Why are you talking to me? Why does everyone say hello to each other in the countryside?"


12. You have the teeniest bit of hatred for Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the simple fact it made this happen:

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Yes, I know I sound like I'm from London. It is because I am. Thank you.


13. You're familiar with the frustrating feeling of growing up in London and then realising that you can't actually afford to live there when it's time for you to buy a house.


"I grew up in London and I can't even afford to live in London. So THIS is adulthood."


20. You've heard every complaint in the book about London from non-Londoners.


And a lot of the time their complaints mean nothing to you because you're used to the expensive, busy, no-talking-on-tubes environment you've grown up in.