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    Posted on Apr 5, 2016

    21 Things You'll Understand If You Were Born And Raised In London

    You were raised to walk fast, fear foxes, and hate pigeons with a passion.

    1. Anywhere past Watford Gap is "up North" to you.

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    Call it "The Midlands" all you like, it's all the same to a Londoner.

    2. And anywhere with more than two trees and a rogue sheep is considered "the countryside".

    Seen today in streatham. Someone tying up their sheep to pop into a shop. South London you rock

    3. You don't realise how truly "London" you are until an overly friendly stranger greets you on the street and you have no idea what to do with yourself.


    "Why are you talking to me? Why does everyone say hello to each other in the countryside?"

    4. You have an inexplicable attachment to your postcode.

    But luckily you've passed the stage where you still "rep" it.

    5. And if it's not your postcode, it's your area.

    6. Being from London means you were automatically born a fast walker.

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    Because London teaches you to always be in a rush and slow walking is for the WEAK.

    7. And you remember when buses were free, and then they were 40p, and then they suddenly skyrocketed to A BILLION POUNDS.

    Fine Line Features

    8. You've grown up thinking pigeons are the spawn of the devil.

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    Because London pigeons are both literally and figuratively full of shit.

    9. And that London foxes have a bravery like no other.

    Thinkstock / Twitter: @DeedeeUgly_

    They will steal the entirety of your rubbish bin IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE.

    10. Other people's "town" is your "central".

    Twitter: @_TheHotel

    You'll never say you're "going to town", but you will say you're "going up London".

    11. And you only truly appreciate London transport until you visit an area outside of the city and realise buses come once every two days.

    20th Century Fox

    12. You have the teeniest bit of hatred for Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the simple fact it made this happen:

    Universal Pictures

    Yes, I know I sound like I'm from London. It is because I am. Thank you.

    13. You're familiar with the frustrating feeling of growing up in London and then realising that you can't actually afford to live there when it's time for you to buy a house.


    "I grew up in London and I can't even afford to live in London. So THIS is adulthood."

    14. And you know what it's like to be in an area where one side is comprised solely of flats and the other side is full of mansions.

    15. There are still a lot of tourist attractions that you've never even thought of visiting.

    Flickr: duncanh1

    "£28 for the London Eye when I can just see the skyline from my mate's flat? I don't think so."

    16. And you find it odd that so many people actually come to your hometown to go on holiday.

    17. You always feel like a shit Londoner when someone who's moved to London from elsewhere knows more about your city than you do.


    "How do you know how to navigate central London better than I do?!"

    18. Which means you're probably a terrible tour guide too.


    "OK, this building is...well, I don't actually know what this building is or when it was built, but it's kind of always been there."

    19. The hospital you were born in is a very important indicator of whether you're a ~real Londoner~ or not.

    "I was born in GUY'S HOSPITAL in LONDON BRIDGE, which makes me way more London than you."

    20. You've heard every complaint in the book about London from non-Londoners.


    And a lot of the time their complaints mean nothing to you because you're used to the expensive, busy, no-talking-on-tubes environment you've grown up in.

    21. But like every other Londoner, you're still proud to be from one of the best cities in the world.


    Born and raised in London. And proud.

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