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22 Things You'll Know If You're Slightly Obsessed With Makeup But Not Very Good

If makeup imposter syndrome was a thing, you would probably have it.

1. You’ve always appreciated the sacred art of makeup.

2. But recreating it on your own face has never been your strong suit.

Warner Bros. Pictures

3. You’re always up on all the latest makeup trends.

Them: "Don't you think that's enough highlighter?" Me: "Really? I don't think I'm wearing enough."

Contour, highlight, and that weird one where clumpy eyelash trend.

4. But when you struggle with the basic application of products, there’s no way you could possibly move on to more advanced makeup tricks.

5. Your painfully average makeup skills mean any risks you take usually end up in disaster.

20th Century Fox

6. So you’ve probably been doing the same makeup look for years.

Twitter: @SJay1208

Nice and simple, which is all you can manage.

7. You’ve always been mystified by makeup transformations.

8. Because you can barely pull off a decent eyeliner flick.

9. Matching your foundation in winter is the bane of your life.

Via Twitter: @fullerrhouse

How the hell does everyone else do it?

10. And sometimes you just ~forget~ to blend it properly.

11. Watching YouTube tutorials is one of your favourite things to do.

You've watched enough to last you a lifetime.

12. And your Instagram is filled with posts from various people in the makeup community.

13. Still, no matter how many videos you watch teaching you how to apply your false eyelashes…

14. …yours end up looking a bit like this:

people: are those your real eyelashes me: yes

15. Your problem isn’t just about putting the makeup on, it’s about KEEPING IT ON too.

I swear, my makeup looked better earlier. Most of it melted away bc of this satanic weather

By the end of the day, it's like you never put on any makeup at all.

16. And if you put on your makeup before getting dressed, it’ll be all over your clothes before you can scream “NOOOO!”

17. You feel both comfortable and overwhelmed at a makeup store.

18. And if you're marginally ~okay~ at makeup, you usually stick to only being good at one thing.

19. You’ve cried over your makeup before.

Twitter: @EWLESTE

Who wouldn't after getting your eyeliner wrong THIRTY-SIX TIMES?

20. And you sometimes suffer from real bad makeup imposter syndrome.

Twitter: @kirainezriess

"How can I call myself a makeup lover when I’m so shit?!"

21. But no matter how much you struggle, your love for makeup will never falter.


22. Even if, yeah, you're really not that great at makeup.

Comedy Central

Can't win 'em all, I guess.

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