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    24 Things All Best Friends Who Grew Up Together Will Understand

    Their secrets are your secrets and will be forever.

    1. You do more reminiscing than you do "catching up".

    2. And you have a whole host of embarrassing stories to bring up at your leisure.

    3. You love finding old pictures of each other and laughing over them.

    4. And you have photographic evidence from every stage of each other's lives, including the "awkward teen" phase.

    5. You've known each other for so long that you're more like family.

    6. Which means you're no longer a guest in their house.

    7. And their parents are like your second parents.

    i think my mom likes jacob more than me

    8. You can sometimes get on each other's nerves like family, too.

    9. But luckily you've been friends for so long that you can be completely honest with each other.

    10. You remember falling out with them over the silliest things when you were young.

    11. And if you went to school together, it was always a given that you would be partners for everything you did.

    glad I've had them as best friends since primary school 😊💗 @emilyyyjo00 @jrkaurich8

    Whether it was working together in class or sitting next to them on school trips.

    12. You're 100% comfortable around each other.

    13. Which means you have no problem sitting in silence doing nothing.

    14. Your minds are so in sync that you hate all the same people.

    15. And you've been guilty of getting a little jealous when they make a new "best friend".

    16. You still call each other the nicknames you made up when you were young.

    17. And at least one of you still owns the love letters you used to write each other.

    18. They know exactly what to say to make you burst out laughing.

    19. And what to do when you're feeling down.

    20. You have a deep knowledge of their eating habits, including what foods they love and hate.

    21. And every birthday message you send each other makes some sort of reference to the fact you can't believe how old you are and how long you've been friends.

    22. You find it almost impossible to keep a secret from them.

    23. And even though you've changed a lot during the years...

    24. ...your friendship has thankfully remained the same.