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23 Things Only British Jamaicans Will Understand

Your Christmas dinner definitely includes rice and peas.

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1. Your meals are a hybrid of both British and Jamaican cuisine.

It's pouring down in the W Midlands, but breakfast is my English - Jamaican fusion including plantain & breadfruit.

Wherever you can add plantain, you definitely will.

2. And nowhere is that more obvious than at Christmas dinner.

You just cannot beat nans Jamaican #Christmas dinner! #xmas #jamaica @jamaica

Rice and peas with Christmas dinner is a given.

3. When someone asks you where you're from, it takes you a bit of a while to answer.

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"Well, that's a complicated question 'cause I was born here, but then my parents are Jamaican, but then I also feel Jamaican, but then I'm also British too, so I mean it just depends really."

4. You probably spent the majority of your summer holidays going back "home" to visit your family.

Loïc Cas / Flickr: quichbill / Creative Commons

5. And even though you feel more Jamaican when you're in the UK, you're always known as "English" in Jamaica.

Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed / Getty Images

6. One of your biggest identity crises comes when you’re trying to decide which team to support in a sporting event.


Ughhhhh, the burden of betrayal is too much.

7. So you kind of just pick and choose, depending on what it is.

In football, England. In Olympic sprint, Jamaica.
Twitter: @Simwhitley91

In football, England. In Olympic sprint, Jamaica.

8. But you're never more proud to be Jamaican than when you see Usain Bolt on screen.

Because he is further proof that Jamaicans are the best. Don't @ me.
Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Because he is further proof that Jamaicans are the best. Don't @ me.


9. There are certain words embedded in your brain that only a child of Jamaican parents could understand.

10. And your family like to give nicknames that wouldn’t make sense to other people.

Don't ask why my family calls me "Fatty".
Rawpixel / Getty Images / Via

Don't ask why my family calls me "Fatty".

11. You have a favourite British food.

(Shout out to Yorkshire puddings.)

12. And a favourite Jamaican food.

Curry goat will forever be top of the list.


13. But there are certain things Brits can never do better.

Behold, the beautiful patty.

14. Whenever you go to Jamaica, people think it's like this:

Matteo Fini / Flickr: met70 / Creative Commons

15. When really it's more like this:

Chilling on your grandma's veranda is about as close to "the tourist experience" as you're gonna get.
Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

Chilling on your grandma's veranda is about as close to "the tourist experience" as you're gonna get.

16. You've probably spent more money than you can count on phone cards to call Jamaica.

Thank God for Whatsapp call.


17. And when you meet another Jamaican, this is you:


18. Even though you were born in the UK, or at least spent the majority of your life there, your Jamaican heritage means you will NEVER get used to how cold it is all the time.

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19. And there are certain unwritten rules you have to adhere to, on top of all the British ones you've grown up with.

If you mom never tell you to wear good underwear pon the road in case you drop down n haffi go hospital, are you even Jamaican?

20. Your extensive knowledge of patois means there are some jokes you'll get that other people may not.


21. And sometimes Jamaican culture can get a little lost in translation.

Jamaican Jokes / Via Facebook: JamaicanJokes

22. Despite a lot of your family living so far away, you always find a way to reach them.

Blue barrels for days.
Vladimir1965 / Getty Images

Blue barrels for days.

23. And even though it can sometimes feel like you're caught between two worlds, you wouldn't change being British Jamaican for the world.

some people would deny that I'm Jamaican British... #poetry #spokenword

Because really, that's the beauty of it.