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23 Things You'll Only Know If You're A Girl With Size 9 Feet

Or 11 in the US. Or 43 in Europe. Wherever you are, it's a struggle.

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4. And the sacred section where your shoe size belongs always looks bare in comparison to the rest.

So much choice at T.K.Maxx #bigfeetproblems


12. And you sympathise with the struggles of your small-footed friends, but can't get over the obvious advantage of being able to buy junior sizes.


17. There are certain shoes you have to stay away from because they just exacerbate your long-footed problem.


19. You’ve had this problem at least once in your life:

My sock felt a little funny and OH that's why. #bigfeetproblems

Your feet can basically break through anything.

20. And there is no phrase you hate more than "one size fits all" when it comes to your feet.


21. On the one hand, you’re aware you can’t complain too much, because if it’s hard for you at a size 9, you have no idea how hard it must be for women with bigger-sized feet.

Solidarity with all big-footed sisters.