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26 Slightly Shitty Things You'll Find On Every British High Street

No matter what, there will always be a Shoe Zone.

1. A shit shopping centre.

Flickr: southeasternstar

Full of buggies, slight misery, and escalators that lead to nowhere.

2. Stands containing sweets that have been there for a questionable amount of time.

Flickr: 68748051@N06

50p for some off Minstrels usually.

3. A shop that specialises in terrible slogan tees:

4. A repair shop you've never actually seen anyone in.

5. A desolate Shoe Zone.

6. A children's ride that you definitely tried to go on as a teen.

Flickr: ell-r-brown

Despite having clearly grown out of it.

7. A Sports Direct shop with a closing-down sale.

8. A reliable-looking Greggs.

9. A slightly posher-looking Holland & Barrett.

10. A Select fashion shop.

Twitter: @TheBroadwayBrad

There has never not been a sale in Select.

11. And a shop that exclusively sells leggings and sequinned bodycon dresses for £7.99.

12. A stall that sells cheap phone cases that aren't really that cheap at all.

13. A Poundland.

14. Or any other shop with a similar purpose.

15. A Peacocks that's stood the test of time.

16. A statue that's always been there but very few people actually know why.

17. A fast food chain where you'll find a majority of the town's youths.

18. And a fast food chain you sometimes forget still exists.

19. A fundraiser who's a little too assertive in their approach to getting donations.

Goir / Thinkstock

"If I walk fast enough and avoid eye contact they'll never notice me."

20. A bunch of miscellaneous stalls.

21. An out-of-place hotdog stand.

22. Several Costas.

23. A Percy Ingle.

24. A card shop that turns into a heaving shitshow at Christmas.

25. A random homeware store.

Mostly stocked with an overwhelming number of storage units and money boxes you'll never use.

26. And a screaming child.

Lunamarina / Thinkstock

You may not be able to see the child, but the sound of their distant screams will follow you. Forever.

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