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    Posted on Jun 8, 2016

    23 Things You'll 100% Find In Every Jamaican Household

    You're never too far away from a bottle of Wray & Nephew.

    1. A bottle of this rum.

    Twitter: @TrendyTerry_xx

    It's 63% alcohol and would probably kill anyone who hasn't grown up drinking it at family occasions.

    2. A packet of these at the back of the cupboard.

    Twitter: @_LuckyNumber13

    Always slightly stale (unless you use the massive plastic clips to save them).

    3. Some variation of these wall decorations.

    4. A cabinet full of items you're pretty sure have never seen the light of day.

    Twitter: @_ReidLogic

    This is usually in your grandma's house and you absolutely cannot touch it.

    5. A bottle of this in the bathroom.

    Twitter: @regularob

    Because no bathroom is complete without it.

    6. Along with a bottle of this. / Via

    And probably Bay Rum, just for good measure.

    7. Any variation of these teas.

    8. A couple of packets of banana chips.

    Twitter: @Juke017

    Probably St Mary's or Chippie's.

    9. This ridiculously strong-smelling lotion.

    10. Many, many forms of vapour rub.

    It's the go-to product for a rubdown from your mum.

    11. A pot that's quite possibly older than you are. / Via Twitter: @odabracle

    And a key indicator that dinner's about to be delicious as hell.

    12. A couple of these bad boys floating around the kitchen.

    13. These random-ass fridge magnets.

    Twitter: @FLSColours

    Nobody knows where they originally came from, but every house has them.

    14. One of these trays.

    15. All the seasoning you could ever dream of.

    16. A phone you didn't know still exists.

    Twitter: @JKavJA

    Somehow it's been abandoned for years and years, and still works.

    17. An old set of dominoes.

    18. A set of glasses that are rarely ever used.

    Twitter: @Typical_Nappz

    They usually get their time to shine at parties.

    19. Drinks that are way too large for the fridge.

    20. Several containers that don't contain anything they say they do.

    21. An essential bottle of hot pepper sauce.

    To add to every meal, even if it's already spicy.

    22. A doorway adorned with wooden beads.

    1 out of every 5 Jamaican aunties have these in their home.

    23. And a random Jamaican flag.

    Twitter: @MashStPaddy

    Just in case.

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