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17 Delicious Thing You Need To Eat In Warwick Right Now

There's more to feast your eyes on than just the castle, we promise.

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1. A gourmet hotdog from Big Daddies Diner.

Facebook: Big Daddies Diner / Via Facebook: Bigdaddiesdiner

You can probably guess from the name that Big Daddies Diner is known for daddy portions, serving up gourmet hotdogs, as well as gourmet burgers, home-smoked pulled pork and brisket, chilli con carne and philly steak. Catch them all around Warwick street food events, but particularly if you're a student at Warwick uni, where you'll appreciate the big portion if you're absolutely skint.

2. A Grilled Halloumi Wrap from Hungry Toad.

This pop up kitchen can be found all around the Midlands at places like the Warwick Folk Festival offering a tantalising selection of BBQ and Mexican Street food. Big fan of halloumi? Have a try of their grilled halloumi wrap and never look back.


3. Afternoon tea at Vinteas.

Treat yourself to a spot of tea and crumpets at this "quintessentially English" tea room. With a selection of 21 different teas on offer and a variety of cakes to choose from, this dinky establishment is perfect for brunch, and can be privately hired for hen parties or baby showers.

4. Veggie and Vegan Street Food from Fresh Rootz.

As winners of "Best Street Food" in the BBC Good Food Show, Fresh Rootz is top for tasty vegetarian and vegan food. Based in Leamington, the company travels around the UK offering fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Catch them at places like the Leamington Food Festival and try their Spicy Mexican Style Pakoras for a real kick.

5. All the Italian carbs at La Coppola.

If you're a carb connoisseur and a lover of good Italian food, this place is perfect for you. Not only do they offer you a glass of gigantic olives FREE OF CHARGE, La Coppola offers delicious, authentic Italian dishes in big portions, so make sure you come with an appetite.

6. A yard of pizza at The Duke.

The Duke is well-known by most Warwick uni students as the spot where you can buy your queue jumps for the nightclub, Smack. However, it also does some amazing student-friendly food. Specials include "The Yard Sale" on a Tuesday, offering up any yard of pizza for £15 after 6pm, and 2 unique burgers that you can only get if you're part of "The Secret Burger Society" on a Wednesday.

Bonus points for the fact they have an open-air roof terrace AND PS4 booths for guests to play in.

7. A Gourmet Toastie from The Jabberwocky.

Sometimes all you want is something simple and delicious to fill your stomach, and what better food to do that than the humble toastie? The Jabberwocky travels around street food events in Warwickshire offering the best gourmet toasties around and 40 different combinations to choose from.


8. Rhubarb Crumble Ice cream at Scoopz.

Twitter: Cafe Scoopz / Via Twitter: @scoopz_icecream

If all you've ever wanted is to live in a world where only ice cream matters, Scoopz is your new heaven. With over 30 flavours, take your pick from unique flavours like Honeycomb & Caramel Swirl, Rhubarb Crumble, Eton Mess, Blackcurrant Cheesecake, Cherry Pie and Custard and many, many more.

9. Bunny Chow from Savanna Grill.

Facebook: Savanna Grill / Via Facebook: Savannahgrill

Don't be alarmed by the name, "bunny chow" is just what Savanna Grill call their signature curry served inside of a mini loaf of bread. Catch them at Leamington Food Festival, Warwick Folk Festival and University of Warwick's monthly piazza days. They also sell crocodile spring rolls, if you're feeling particularly daring.

10. Homemade Oreo Brownies at Bread and Butter.

If you're looking for a snack with more chocolate in it than Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, take yourself down to Bread and Butter. Great cakes, great coffee, great times. Perfect.

11. Lemongrass Crème Brûlée at The Art Kitchen.

For great, well presented, all-around-bloody-brilliant thai cuisine, try The Art Kitchen. If you make it through the starter AND the main, go for round three with the Lemongrass Brûlée or Coconut Pancake.

12. The Death Proof Burger from The Vegan Grindhouse.

Facebook: The Vegan Grindhouse / Via Facebook: vegangrindhouse

The Vegan Grindhouse sell the most epic vegan burger you will probably ever see in your life. Finish the two-tier mountain of no meat-mayhem and you'll get a lovely picture with a customised Vegan Grindhouse T-shirt on the Hall of Fame page of their website. Although the company is based in Bilston, they travel around to a variety of places, including Warwick Uni for their piazza days.


13. Classic British with a twist at Tailors.

Facebook: Tailors Restaurant / Via Facebook: Tailors-Restaurant

The best thing about Tailors is how experimental they are with their foods, which is no better demonstrated than in this dish of beef fillet, heritage carrots, ox cheek and Guinness terrine. If you're looking for a new experience, this is a great option and would probably make for great Instagram material, if you're interested.

14. Sourdough Pizza from Spectacular Goat.

Facebook: Spectacular Goat / Via Facebook: SpectacularGoat

Served out of a vintage retro caravan, Spectacular Goat produce some pretty perfect sourdough pizza that only takes 90 seconds for them to cook. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, try the burgers and pancakes they also offer instead.

15. Tapas at Tasca Dali.

Twitter: Tasca Dali / Via Twitter: @tascadali

If you happen to be good at sharing food, then perhaps tapas is a good option for you. Visit Tasca Dali for fresh food that's cooked every day and take an hour out to pretend you're relaxing in the Mediterranean (at least when you remember you're actually in Warwick you'll have a full stomach to comfort you).

16. An Indian curry from Le Raj Spice.

If you're feeling for a good curry, then Le Raj Spice is your place. Serving some fantastic Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine, enjoy a night stuffing yourself with poppadoms and an onion bhajee or twelve.

17. And if you're feeling extra fancy, a Michelin starred meal at The Cross.

Got a special occasion to celebrate? Book a table at this Michelin starred pub restaurant that is not for the faint-hearted, price wise. The chefs are award-winning, the food looks almost too good to eat, and you'll undoubtedly feel special after visiting. If not special, then a little broke.


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