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19 Things Only Introverted Extroverts Will Understand

You find it easy to make friends, but you love being alone.

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1. You're one of the most outspoken people in your friendship group, but when you're around new people, you tend to be incredibly shy.

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As soon as you get around people you don't know very well, you go completely into your shell until you're comfortable enough to come out.

2. While it seems as though you're an open book, you're actually pretty secretive.


7. You enjoy talking, but hate talking on the phone.

Me waiting for the phone to stop ringing so I can text u & ask u what u want


10. Which means you really, really value your alone time.

when u realize that u love spending time by yourself because you are a complete & interesting person on ur own

12. You GREATLY appreciate silence.

Uber driver: ........... Me: .......... Uber driver: .......... Me: 5 stars.


16. You generally get on with everyone, but when you like someone you pretty much fall in love with them.

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It's usually purely platonic, but when your spirit takes to someone it really goes for it.


19. All in all, your personality is complex and sometimes confusing, but mostly just a mishmash of a bunch of great qualities.

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It may be hard for people to understand, but you're simply an incredibly layered individual, and that's just fine.