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    Mar 22, 2017

    22 Things Only People Who Love Babies But Definitely Aren't Ready To Have One Understand

    You frequently tell your friends to have babies just so you can kinda have a baby, but not really.

    1. There are few things you find cuter than a tiny baby.


    2. But whenever there’s talk of having one of your own, you look like this:

    Universal Pictures

    "I mean, I love babies, but I am basically still a baby myself."

    3. You know far too well that having a baby is hard work.

    Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed

    4. Which is why you're happy to admire them from afar, and obsess over how cute they are.

    5. There's something about babies' teeny weeny hands and feet that gets you every time.

    Axiara / Getty Images

    Little toes, baby feet wrapped in a heart blanket

    6. And whenever a baby enters a room, it immediately becomes your only focus.

    The CW

    7. As soon as you’re left alone with a baby though, it’s clear you’re completely out of your depth.

    Universal Pictures

    8. And whenever you hold someone else’s baby, you silently worry that you'll accidentally drop them.

    ABC Family

    They're so fragile and pure <3

    9. You have a list of possible names you’d call your future child.

    Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

    10. And you’re a skilled professional at baby talk.


    11. You frequently tell your friends to have babies, just so you can kind of have a baby, but not really.

    NBC / Via

    12. Which is why being a godparent is PERFECT for you.

    HBO / Parkwood Entertainment

    13. It breaks your heart when a baby doesn’t seem to like you.


    Because EVERY BABY loves you, you're sure of it.

    14. And when a baby cries, you suddenly go into panic mode.


    15. You love coming across pictures or videos of babies being adorable.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    Your friends know you're the one to send all the cute shit to.

    16. And don't even mind seeing pictures of other people's babies on Facebook or Instagram.

    E! / Via

    Even if they are sometimes accompanied by a cringy caption addressed to a baby that can't even read.

    17. You’re always down to babysit.

    ABC Family

    18. But never for too long, because you don’t *actually know* how to look after a baby.

    Lane Sainty / BuzzFeed

    Unless all they're doing is sleeping.

    19. You're an absolute sucker for baby clothes.

    Gojak / Getty Images


    20. And you regularly imagine what your baby would look like.

    Ananya Films / PJ Entertainments Europe & Tricolor Entertainments Asia Pacific's

    21. Although not everyone feels the same way you do, for you, babies are the absolute cutest, and you love them dearly.


    22. But TBH, the best thing about babies when you don't have one is that you can give them back.


    Because you're definitely, definitely not ready for one yet.

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