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    21 Things You Only Know If You're Always Reading Several Books At Once

    Books To Read: 57. Books I've Read: 0.

    1. If there’s one thing you love, it’s books.


    Or perhaps you just like the ~idea~ of books.

    2. Nothing excites you more than the thought of one day having your very own library full of books you love to read.

    3. Or grabbing a hot, steamy coffee, and relaxing with a good book in bed.

    4. But despite your dream of being a Literary God, in reality your relationship with books is quite different.


    5. Because fucking hell, you are terrible at committing to books.

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    6. You absolutely love getting book recommendations, but you never seem to get round to reading them.

    Channel 4

    7. And you have a tendency to start a book, accidentally abandon it, start another one, and then abandon that too.

    8. In essence, you’re a commitment phobe.

    The CW

    You are the fuckboy of the literary world.

    9. It’s not that you don’t WANT to finish a book. You’d love to! You *love* books.

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    10. But for some reason your love of reading doesn't translate into *actually reading*.


    11. You love making book wishlists.

    12. And the Goodreads app is both your biggest vice and greatest shame.

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    It's like online shopping but for books, and it's the biggest enabler you know.

    13. Whenever anyone asks you what book you’re reading, you can’t quite give an honest answer.


    14. And you immediately feel bad when someone asks about your progress on the book they lent you, only to find out you STILL haven’t finished it.

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    15. You’ve lost count of how many Book Challenges you’ve started and failed.

    Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

    16. Which means you’re an absolute nightmare at a book club.


    You have never finished a book in time for a book club.

    17. You'll buy a new book knowing full well you'll probably never get round to reading it.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    18. And it sometimes feels as though you're more interested in hoarding books than actually reading them.

    Kaye Toal / BuzzFeed

    19. One day, you hope to be the disciplined, well-read, monogamous book lover you know can be.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

    20. But until you get your act together, your "Books To Read" pile will forever be bigger than your "Books I've Read" pile.


    21. And that's just something you've come to accept.


    Hell, someone has to.

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