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    18 Things You Absolutely Cannot Do When You're On Your Period

    *gets through six entire rolls of toilet paper*

    1. You can’t take your bag to the toilet to change your pad without looking super suspicious.

    2. And there's no non-awkward way to smuggle a pad up your sleeve.

    3. You can't get through your period without using a fuck-ton of toilet paper.

    4. And at one point you'll inevitably get confused with what it is you're actually feeling.

    5. You can't sneeze without feeling like you've released the entire contents of your womb into your pants.

    6. And you can't have a shower without watching a small crimson waterfall run down the drain.

    7. Of course, that goes for the toilet too.

    8. You can't have your period without it inevitably coinciding with an important event.

    9. And you can't get away with having pants that don't have a couple of odd stains.

    10. You can't sit for an extended amount of time without stealthily checking to see if you've leaked all over yourself or the chair as soon as you get up.

    11. Mainly because standing up feels pretty uncomfortable.

    12. Failing that, there's always the age-old method of getting a mate to check for you.

    13. You can't have your period without experiencing some slight mood swings.

    14. Or giving someone this look.

    15. You can't wear all the regular clothes you like because you have to make special provisions for bleeding and bloating.

    16. And it's near impossible to "play it cool" when you're having a whopper of a period cramp.

    17. You can't help but get a little impatient or angry because everyone is TEN TIMES MORE ANNOYING.

    18. And finally, it wouldn't be your period if you weren't curled up in the foetal position (or any other ridiculous position) at least once.