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    19 Things That Stick With You When You Grow Up In South London

    "South" will be "saaf" forever.

    1. Growing up in south London means you have a very high tolerance for what can be considered “out of the ordinary".

    2. And you've never been able to shake that particular way of saying "saaf London".

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    3. The fact you've probably been waiting for a tube station to be built in your area for years means you've learned to keep expectations low.

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    4. You feel an instant bond with anyone who reveals they're also from south London.

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    5. And finding out a celebrity is from there is even better.

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    "See, ALL the best people come from south London."

    6. You still have flashbacks when you see any of these items. / / Twitter: @sinzLDN_ / / BuzzFeed

    Who can forget the teeny, weeny, wholly impractical "Just Do It" bags?

    7. And this song is basically south London's national anthem...

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    Giggs is from Peckham, so you have us to thank for this masterpiece.

    8. ...which is why you know every word.

    Twitter: @CraigRennie_

    And if you don't, you SHOULD.

    9. You'll never forget your first trip to the Cutty Sark.

    Flickr: alexwhite / Alex J White / Creative Commons

    Probably with school. Most likely when it was raining.

    10. You have dark memories from the many nights spent at Venue.

    11. And if not there, then Tiger Tiger in Croydon, which was always a trek.

    12. You're still traumatised from painfully long journeys on the night bus.

    Because whether you were in Venue or Tiger Tiger, you were rarely close to home.

    13. You're used to travelling to see people rather than them coming to you, because you were always told you "lived too far".


    14. Every other chicken shop will forever pale in comparison to this:

    15. A small part of you still sees the tower in Crystal Palace as the south London version of the Eiffel tower.

    16. And you'll always be slightly baffled by the mystical place they call “zone 6”.

    20th Television / FX

    What’s even there? Does it even exist? You’ll never know.

    17. You'll never forget skating in Streatham, and probably falling on your arse.

    Twitter: @Fxck_tayy

    Unless you were really good at it, in which case you definitely showed off to all your mates.

    18. You become instantly defensive when someone tries to say south London's shit.

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    "I'M the only one allowed to say that. FUCK OFF."

    19. Because no matter where you go, and what anyone says, you'll always have a soft spot for the south.


    And it will always be home.

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