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    23 Things All Single Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

    "Are you seeing anyone yet?" Why? Do you have someone hiding under the table for me?

    1. "Are you seeing anyone yet?"

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    You literally asked me this question two weeks ago. Aren't you tired of asking yet?

    2. "Isn't there someone that you at least like?"

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    Sorry to disappoint.

    3. "Why are you still single?"

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    Do I have to have a special reason? It just is what it is.

    4. "How can a beautiful girl like you not be taken?"


    5. "I know you're probably looking for a partner, but I just want to be friends."

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    Just because I'm single doesn't mean I want to date you. Please get over yourself.

    6. "It's way easier to be a single girl than a single guy, you girls can just have sex whenever you want."

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    What? OK...

    7. "You need to stop being so picky."

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    8. "Maybe you need to change your attitude."


    9. "Stop looking for love and let love come to you!"

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    Life-changing advice. Never heard that before, thank you.

    10. "When are you going to get married?"

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    11. "What about kids? Are kids on the cards any time soon?"

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    What? No. Stop asking that.

    12. "Time is running out, you know."

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    13. "I know it's been a few years since you broke up with your ex, but you need to get over it and move on."

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    14. "How long have you actually been single for?"

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    Does it matter?

    15. "Don't you get lonely? I'd get so bored if I was single."

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    That could be more because you have a boring life than the fact you have a partner, but cool.

    16. "You should start a new hobby to meet people."

    17. "You need to put yourself out there!"

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    18. "If you're not careful, you'll end up as a crazy cat lady."

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    GREAT! I LOVE CATS. They're so fluffy and don't ask stupid questions.

    19. "I know someone I can set you up with!"

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    Lord no. Please, no. I'm fine.

    20. "You should try Tinder/OkCupid/ Have you tried them? Have you?"

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    I have received enough dick pics to tell you that yes indeed I have tried them, thanks. Not for me.

    21. "There's plenty of fish in the sea! Speaking of fish, have you joined Plenty of Fish yet?"

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    Arghhhfsohgehgughehu, go away.

    22. "I think it's so great you're so comfortable with being on your own."

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    Yeah, thanks, I'm a great inspiration to all of womankind. *rolls eyes*

    23. "Why do girls make such a big fuss over getting a partner anyway?"


    Maybe it's because people like you keep asking them when they're going to get one? Maybe.

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